Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cheap Thrills

Intriguing at first — sweet soft, and innocent. Then, as the minutes pass, increasingly pleasurable followed by a whirl of excitement and a rush of emotions. No I’m not talking about a really good glass of vintage Port. Or even an orgasm. I’m talking about my latest fragrance fascination: Lacome Hypnose perfume.

I know what your thinking, “Lancome? Yeah right.” Trust me, I too was in disbelief. I actually received the scent as a freebie during Olympus Fashion Week (the perks of being an editor) but I probably never would have bought it on my own. Actually, I never in a million years would have bought it on my own. Needless to say that didn’t stop me from giving it a test run. I immediately sprayed it all over myself moments after opening the packaging.

And I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. It is truly a hypnotic, sweet scent. One that’s addicting and pulls you right in, but isn’t overbearing (like one would expect from the over-the-cosmetics-counter fragrance breed). The core notes are passion flower and warm vetiver mixed with vanilla — but not a Thierry Mugler Angel revival of vanilla — it’s more of a mildly refreshing dose that complements the already rich floral and intense woody aroma for a truly enticing effect.

And enticing it is indeed. The day Hypnose and I made our first public outing was a day that will go down in history as the-most-compliments-I’ve-ever-received-in-my-life day. (Wait, is that sad?) All I heard was “What is that amazing smell?” and “What perfume are you wearing? I love it.” I was shocked. But I’d always manage to utter the same, “Oh well its just (embarrassed by my answer each time) Lancome actually.”

But the truth is why be embarrassed? Label caring is so 90’s. These people should thank me, not judge me. I’ve just saved them hundreds of dollars on perfume shopping! At $42.50 I’ll take Hypnose any day over my expensive $195 per liquid ounce Creed addiction. Okay so I actually get my Creed for free too (don’t hate me) but do you? Save the big bucks for more important splurges like shoes! You’ll thank me.

Final Word: My bottle is almost on empty and I’m definitely running —in my $600 Christian Louboutin heels — to the nearest Macy’s for a refill.


Anonymous said...

where's the nearest sephora?? i can't wait to try it!! ...and how the hell do you get creed for free praytell??

Anonymous said...

Nicole baby, it's Lucas... you know my boyfriend Thierry, the perfumer, is the one who did the fragrance? Will pass on your compliments.

Aya said...

I have just acquired mine and you've mentioned, I am getting so many compliments...and I can say I am already addicted to this scent...=)