Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Call Me Loco, But I'm Obsessed

When visiting (or in my case living in) South Beach there are several must do's: sun (with SPF protection of course), clubbing (only acceptable with an entourage), and Mexican food (my guiltiest pleasure in the city of vice). And as the Miami Blackberrie correspondent I wouldn't exactly be doing my job unless I wrote about - hands down - the best Mexican food I've ever tasted: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.

Location: 1439 Alton Road, Miami Beach, 33139

The vibe is laid-back fiesta at this local hangout that the critics tout as “fresh, tasty, and blessedly inexpensive.” It's the perfect place for a post beach nosh or an inexpensive (but guaranteed to be fun) evening with friends. My faves are the lo-carb steak fajitas, Tijuana tacos, and the chicken taquitos, but there's plenty more unique creations worthy of a try: Sangria Icees anyone?

Final Word: In a town where size negative zero models lurk at every corner, it's comforting to know that great Mexican food can still be found. But do heed caution it might just become your next addiction.

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